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  • Developing process technology for diffusion prevention film using plasma deposition technique for wiring of semiconductor IC devices by using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and atomic layer deposition (ALD).

  • Designing of the nanostructured materials by using various wet-chemical & dry-chemical processes.

  • Active application research areas: Electrochromic devices, Hybrid supercapacitors, solar cell devices, Photocatalysis, water splitting (OER & HER), Electrocatalysis, and Sensors.

Currently, we are looking for highly motivated postdoctoral and Ph. D candidates.

  • Welcome Dr. Venkatesan Jayaraman and Dr. Seenivasan Selvaraj on joining CPLAM .

  • Congratulations to Dr. Kavin on publishing in JMCA, Nano Energy, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, and Applied Surface Science.

  • Welcome Ms. Manasi Murmu as doctoral researcher in CPLAM

  • Welcome Mr. Noh Gi-hyeok, and Mr. Jang Gang Hyun as undergraduate research assistants.

  • Congratulations Mr. Amarnath on first publication in Nano Energy.

  • Congratulations to Dr. Kavin on getting married, we wish you a very happy married life.

  • Warm welcome to Dr. T. Kavinkumar to join in CPLAM as postdoctoral researcher. 

  • Welcome Mr. Wi and Mr. Park as undergraduate assistants at CPLAM.

  • Congratulations to Jang Woo Sung for selection in DowDuPont company

  • Congratulations to Ji Su Hyeon on completion of masters course and joining LG Chemicals company

  • Dr. Nilesh's paper is accepted in Small-Wiley

  • Dr. Sangeeta's paper is accepted in App. Cat. B: Environmental-Elsevier

  • Welcome Mr. Amarnath as Int. Ph.D. student at CPLAM.

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